dinsdag 28 december 2010

Heavy Cruiser Part II

Finished the heavy cruiser calling it the "Seax" Class after a sidearm used by the Vikings during the Middle Ages.
I will be going over to adobe illustrator for any new designs. So hopefully more designs will be made using that program.

maandag 20 december 2010

Heavy Cruiser

As of yet unnamed heavy cruiser class spaceship for the Republican Navy. Bristling with weapon hardpoints and missile launchers the heavy cruiser is usually found as a convoy escort leader and as an antipiracy squadron leader. Having an above average missile launch capability and increased ECM and EW capabilities the ship lacks in heavy kinetic based weaponry.

It only needs some coloring in my opinion and then it is off to the next project.

zaterdag 18 december 2010

Another Dropship

An older design I have neglected to post... thus far. In this case a WW2 style design for a future space to surface combat transport. Again a design made for Chronicles of Man.

vrijdag 17 december 2010

Wing Commander Workpod

As inspiration of a book I was reading, and a gamemodification I am helping with... a little (wing commander saga). I finished a simple side profile of a workpod for use in space construction and other EVA work in which more power is needed then only suited up workers.

Equiped with two arms with interchangeable grappling claws the ship gives the pilot a full view of his or her surroundings and is highly agile thanks to multiple thruster assemblies.
Landreich is a faction seen in the Wing Commander Universe and is a selection of systems on the frontier with Kilrathi space. Currently they are still in a state of war with the Kilrathi Province bordering them. As such their Naval programs are constantly in need of good personnel and equipment like this Mk IV Buzzer workpod.

vrijdag 12 november 2010

Atgeir (Halbert) Anti Ship Missile

The main multipurpose Atgeir anti ship missile is the main striking weapon used by the Veridian navy.
Capable to carry different kinds of payloads the missile has two notable variants, one is the standard missile which is highly agile while the second one (lowest picture in the image) has increased speed but looses some of its agility in comparison to the standard missile.

Both units have 1 main propulsion system supplemented by 4 boosters which are ignited near the target or when a new target is selected in the case the intended target is either destroyed or is given a lower priority.

zaterdag 6 november 2010

Kame (Turtle) Class Transfer Shuttle

As work continues for Josh's universe I've made a new contribution for the Veridian Verge Nation. In this case an unarmed shuttle intended to be used by the FRVN (Veridian Navy) as a tranfer shuttle between space stations and ships for either personel or cargo. It has also limited atmospheric capabilities but does not have the speed and combat profile as seen in dropships.

Entry to the ship goes from the rear, where a large dropable hatch opens from where troops, cargo modules and even small vehicles can be carried when required.

In general it sports two rows of chairs to accomodate passengers.

Notable variants are a command and control shuttle (able to provide groundtroops with tactical support) and a medical evacuation shuttle which is equiped with its own surgical theatre and can carry up to 14 wounded people and a medical staff of 6.

zaterdag 23 oktober 2010

Mantaray Class Corvette

A renewed version of a original version I made for the Star Trek Enterprise Recognition Manual I mentioned before. The first image showing the old version while the new one shows the more detailed and final version.

The Mantaray is a well armed small starship mainly used in a support, escort or fast attack roles by Starfleet Command. Armed with rapid fire microtorpedo launchers along with 4 phasers it packs quite a punch.

I hope that one day I might finish this job but as it stands now some more presssing issues are at hand. Even so it was a fun project.

zondag 17 oktober 2010

Star Trek ENT Era Recognition Manual

A project that deserves much more attention then I am giving it right now.

A Jane's Fighting Ships style booklet but then situated during the Earth Romulan War.

I am in the progress to updating the images with a new style so I will first post the old images and add newer versions as I go. Even so I have some images that I will keep since those already worked out quite well.

2 Of those are a fighter and a bomber design. The fighter being a single seater armed with pulse lasers and missiles while the bomber has a dual seat configuration similar to a A-6 Intruder and is armed with only torpedoes and a impressive electronics warfare package.

zondag 10 oktober 2010

Chronicles of Man II

Something new and something old. Showcasing a revised version of a destroyer replacing the older image (the second). It mainly has different details and in my opinion a better layout then the old design which looks less convincing armed with to heavy guns and a large dropship bay.

The new version seen here has 2 single barrel guns, 6 missile tube (3x2) and 2 at the front as its main offensive capabilities. It also is issued with state of the art CIC and ECM capabilities making it able to command a small taskforce and deploy effective anti missile screens.

The old design was less agile looking but was better armed missiles wise but needed to sacrifice ECM and sensory capabilities. It was also sacrificed speed since its single cruiser sized gun turret soaked up a lot of the available energy.

maandag 4 oktober 2010

Chronicles of Man I

A fast transport, a civilian variant and its military counterpart. A design I actually like better then several of the warship designs made so far (which I will post later on). It is atmospheric capable and is able to land as well.

zondag 3 oktober 2010

Star Trek Origins part II

This weekend I worked out two designs for Star Trek Origins one being a Borgified Romulan Warbird, the other being a 'Borg' Vessel. Both ships turned out pretty well in my opinion.

I added the Enterprise in the second picture as a scale reference.

zaterdag 2 oktober 2010

Chronicles of Man Designs

As part of something completely different I have joined the universe, designed and created by Josheua Samuelson (http://thechroniclesofman.com/), quite some time ago and created several starship designs for several factions. The main faction is the Free Republic of Veridia which is loosely based on Scandinavian and the Low Lands during WW2 but with Scandinavian and Chinese immigrants. But that being said in the far future obviously.

Two designs of a small gunship/dropship and a larger dropship which are both used by the FRVN Marine Corps (Free Republic of Veridia Navy) to be added to the bigger capital ships for boarding and planetary drop missions.

vrijdag 1 oktober 2010

Mercury Class Scout

As an ungoing venture I designed this vessel as part of a starship recognition book. Showcasing Enterprise era/Earth-Romulan War. In this case I am redesigning older designs in a new improved look.
The first image shows the old design and the second the new improved one.

The Mercury Class scout is a advanced high speed vessel with a crew of 8 man. Lightly armed the ship relies on its advanced sensors and speed to gather information and report back to its assigned fleet. It has 1 small specially designed shuttlepod for atmospheric exploration and can reach up to speeds of warp 6.3 with a standard cruising speed of 4.

donderdag 30 september 2010

Star Trek Origins interior concepts

This are two shots for an adventure game called Star Trek Origins. Its setting is based on the tv series star trek Enterprise and shows a exterior shot of the NX01 in spacedock and a interior shot of a messhall.

 I also used this shot for the header of this blog.

woensdag 29 september 2010

The USS Sagan & some old schematics

As part of a Pbem (Play by Email) I've decided to make a MSD for use for the site or whatever use the site adminstrator could think of. It is a technical schematic of a regular Nova Class starship with some minor alteration made by me - the major one being the interior design of the warpnacelles and the addition of two type 15 shuttlepods in the cargobay and shuttlebay.

The Nova class is a improvement of two older MSD's I made of a Oberth Class starship (sciencevessel) and a own design which I eventually called the Caprica Class (Survey vessel) of whom I am making a new interior design and possibly try a few other things like 3d modelling it.

dinsdag 28 september 2010

A restart of sorts

After some consideration I've decided to restart this blog again by removing every old post and starting to add finished projects.

I'll start first with some technical perspectives for a star trek adventure game called Star Trek Origins based on Enterprise. First of I wanted to show a starbase and a concept of a small gunboat.

Both designs are inspired by already existing designs but I also added some parts myself, perhaps most notably the docking arms and a more 'open' structure compared to the enclosed Space dock as seen in the movies and other series.