zondag 22 mei 2011

Private Jets

A design for a small private jet with limited orbital capabilities. This allows the craft to land on larger space craft. Having only one pilot and 5 passengers it is quite small compared to most design seen in Chronicles of Man.

Finished liner and escape pod

The completed liner:
And a perspective shot of a general usage escape pod to come with it:

maandag 2 mei 2011

WIP Liner 2 and the start of a Deviant Art Accounts

Another liner in the making:
And as a second scrap of news is that I started posting on deviant art. After some consideration I decided that I wanted to get some more comments and inspiration and Deviant Art seems the place to be for just that.
This is my startpage http://handofmanos.deviantart.com/ and I hope to add more in time.

Warsaw Class Advanced Scout

Finished the Warsaw class advanced scout.
Basically a slightly better armed defiant/voyager era vessel for fast attack, scouting and escort duties.
It comes equiped with a phaser array, dual microtorpedoes, dual torpedo launcher and two phaser strips at the rear.

Since I have finished this, and the receiving party was pleased with it I consider this one finished