vrijdag 12 november 2010

Atgeir (Halbert) Anti Ship Missile

The main multipurpose Atgeir anti ship missile is the main striking weapon used by the Veridian navy.
Capable to carry different kinds of payloads the missile has two notable variants, one is the standard missile which is highly agile while the second one (lowest picture in the image) has increased speed but looses some of its agility in comparison to the standard missile.

Both units have 1 main propulsion system supplemented by 4 boosters which are ignited near the target or when a new target is selected in the case the intended target is either destroyed or is given a lower priority.

zaterdag 6 november 2010

Kame (Turtle) Class Transfer Shuttle

As work continues for Josh's universe I've made a new contribution for the Veridian Verge Nation. In this case an unarmed shuttle intended to be used by the FRVN (Veridian Navy) as a tranfer shuttle between space stations and ships for either personel or cargo. It has also limited atmospheric capabilities but does not have the speed and combat profile as seen in dropships.

Entry to the ship goes from the rear, where a large dropable hatch opens from where troops, cargo modules and even small vehicles can be carried when required.

In general it sports two rows of chairs to accomodate passengers.

Notable variants are a command and control shuttle (able to provide groundtroops with tactical support) and a medical evacuation shuttle which is equiped with its own surgical theatre and can carry up to 14 wounded people and a medical staff of 6.