maandag 24 januari 2011

Tromp Class Destroyer

A new Destroyer Class. This time it is called the Tromp Class MLU(MidLifeUpdate) destroyer which is a more heavier armed, yet slower and less modern version of the Loki Class. The background story is that the Loki, being more modern and easier to construct, will replace some of the older Tromp class while the remainder will me modernised to a MLU version that will act as a squadron leader to several Loki destroyers.

vrijdag 21 januari 2011

Veridian Uniforms

As part of the Chronicles of Man universe I thought lets add some more backstory. In this case I wanted to add uniforms for the Navy, Space Forces and Marines. The image here shows some of the uniforms so far. There will be some changes, mainly color, made here and there but in general the basic layouts are finished.

zondag 16 januari 2011

CSS Shiloh - Heavy Cruiser

As a continuation of the work done for Chronicles of Man I made another heavy cruiser.
And is what is hopefully plain to see is that this design is much more aggressive looking compared to it Veridian counterpart who is much more roundish and curved in design.

A design made for another contributor's s nation I will use this dagger shaped ship as a base for any future designs I might make for him :) And I already have a few sketches lying around that will use the a similar design as the heavy cruiser.

woensdag 12 januari 2011

Crew Quarters onboard the NX Class part I

A design for the main characters living quarter. Bigger then a regular crewmember these rooms are reserved for officers and are twice as large compared to a normal quarter. It has a desk, bed, table (with chairs) and most important a shower :)

Still a Work In Progress but the main layout is completed.

zondag 9 januari 2011

Final version of the heavy trooptransport

Finalized version of the trooptransport. Also added a logo and some minor changes detail wise. For Illustrator I just got working on some simple projects but given time it will certainly help a lot when designing.

dinsdag 4 januari 2011

Trooptransport Mk1

A new project has arrived... still in photoshop though. Hopefully I will get the hang of it eventually :D At the moment to busy to give it the attention it deserves.