donderdag 30 september 2010

Star Trek Origins interior concepts

This are two shots for an adventure game called Star Trek Origins. Its setting is based on the tv series star trek Enterprise and shows a exterior shot of the NX01 in spacedock and a interior shot of a messhall.

 I also used this shot for the header of this blog.

woensdag 29 september 2010

The USS Sagan & some old schematics

As part of a Pbem (Play by Email) I've decided to make a MSD for use for the site or whatever use the site adminstrator could think of. It is a technical schematic of a regular Nova Class starship with some minor alteration made by me - the major one being the interior design of the warpnacelles and the addition of two type 15 shuttlepods in the cargobay and shuttlebay.

The Nova class is a improvement of two older MSD's I made of a Oberth Class starship (sciencevessel) and a own design which I eventually called the Caprica Class (Survey vessel) of whom I am making a new interior design and possibly try a few other things like 3d modelling it.

dinsdag 28 september 2010

A restart of sorts

After some consideration I've decided to restart this blog again by removing every old post and starting to add finished projects.

I'll start first with some technical perspectives for a star trek adventure game called Star Trek Origins based on Enterprise. First of I wanted to show a starbase and a concept of a small gunboat.

Both designs are inspired by already existing designs but I also added some parts myself, perhaps most notably the docking arms and a more 'open' structure compared to the enclosed Space dock as seen in the movies and other series.